For the Plumley's of Kimble County, it's always been about family . . . and Pecans!

The Plumley's have expanded their operation!  If you are looking for the bags of pecans-in-the-shell and all those favorite varieties of flavored pecans, made famous by the Plumley's, we have them here too.  Plumley’s now delights with homemade fudge, our famous chewy pralines and pecan pies. Perfect for that sweet tooth that can’t wait till you get home!     
At the coffee bar, order cappuccino, latte, frappe or just a plain ole cup of hot java to go with your pecan perfections.  Our old fashioned soda fountain can deliver just about any fountain drink you're old enough to remember.  In our old fashion ice cream parlor...enjoy a Coke, Big Red, Dr. Pepper or root beer float, made with a Texas favorite, Blue Bell Homemade Ice Cream! If you’re feeling really thirsty, try a rich and frosty milk shake, or enjoy a waffle ice cream cone in an unending list of flavors...just name it!   

In our restaurant, you will love our satisfying lunch with selections like chicken salad sandwiches, mesquite grilled burgers and chicken, creamy soups, huge baked potatoes, and salads all made fresh daily in our kitchen.  Top it off with a piece of our award winning Pecan Pie.  After all...we are known for our Pecans! 
The Plumley Pantry area offers a large selection of bread and butter pickles, a wide variety of olives, pickled green beans, okra or asparagus, chow chow, pecan oil, all sorts of jellies, jams and preserves. Just browsing the shelves will take you back to a time when “makin' preserves and canning” meant you were at your granny’s house.

Whatever you’re looking for, you will be sweetly surprised with all Plumley's has to offer. You know the quality, come enjoy the selections!